The acia Quality Advice Line

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At acia, our administrative team has extensive experience in the delivery of quality services. We would like to remind you that we operate an advice line which is absolutely free of charge to acia members, as well as approved certifying body auditors. Applying for membership can really help at your time of need. Just contact our friendly and helpful team on 02 9264 7197.

What Are Our Credentials?

Over the years, acia has provided support to the industry with the development of a quality framework specifically designed for community services and offered regular support to our membership, auditors and the industry generally to assist them in delivering quality services to clients and preparing for the key requirements for quality certification acia’s standard, Australian Community Industry Standards (ACIS) 2018 is in its third endorsed edition, and acia has had significant input into the National Disability Quality and Safeguard Standards and Single Aged Care Standards.

How Can Our Quality Advice Line Help?

Typically, providers ask a range of different questions, and we are on hand to help with them all. We want to provide as much value to our members and others in the industry as possible. Based on our extensive experience, questions that you may wish to ask include:

  1. How do I become a certified provider and what is the process?
  2. What are the requirements of governance management if I am a sole trader or partnership?
  3. How do I demonstrate complaints management if I don’t have any complaints?
  4. Do I have to be a registered NDIS provider if I am only delivering supports to an NDIS participant with a Positive Behaviour Support Plan with Restrictive Practices?
  5. What policies and procedures do I need to put in place to meet quality standards in the community services industry?
  6. What is the best way to record and report hazards/incidents, complaints and any risks that affect my organisation?
  7. Who should see such reports (hazards/incidents, complaints and risks)?
  8. Can support workers administer injections to clients/participants and if so, what training is required?
  9. Can support workers provide wound care to clients and what training is required?
  10. What other kinds of reporting records should I keep?

Of course, this is not an extensive list and we welcome questions of any nature—we are here to help you, your organisation and the industry as a whole!

How To Contact The acia Quality Advice Line

Remember, our quality advice line is free of charge to all of our members. Our representatives are available between 9 and 5, Monday-Friday to offer expert support and guidance. If you are not currently a member, you can apply to become a member at any time. Members receive a multitude of benefits; including discounted workshops, networking opportunities, the latest industry news and even the opportunity to contribute towards shaping the industry.

Call us today on 02 9264 7197 or apply to become a member

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