The acia Community Quality Health Check

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In 2008, acia pioneered a quality standard and audit scheme, which is now known as the Australian Community Industry Standards (ACIS) 2018. The Australian Community Industry Standards and Scheme focuses on service user outcomes and goals. Our aim is to support the provision of quality services and we continue to take a leadership role in the quality area. We provide a quality analysis service for providers so they can understand where they are now in their quality journey and help them reach where they need to be—so contact us on 02 9264 7197 if this is what you need.

Further Experience In Quality Standards

We have worked closely, as part of the project team, with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Department of Social Services (DSS) to develop the National Disability Quality and Safeguard Standards and associated rules and guidance. These rules are now being implemented across Australia to make sure the industry adheres to the highest standards.

Why acia?

It is because of our extensive experience and involvement in the development of the NDIS practice standards that we believe we are the most reliable source of guidance. We can support providers in meeting any and all compliance requirements—and we are especially able and equipped to help those who really don’t know where to begin. At acia, we regularly receive calls from service providers who are not sure where to start on their pathway to implementing a quality framework for their organisation. We can help you to get NDIS approval quickly. 

We Prepare Providers For Audit

acia representatives not only have expertise in quality frameworks, we know how to prepare your organisation for audit and assist in presenting your evidence to auditors. Our team have a broad level of knowledge gained by working in the sector. acia has developed cost-effective Quality Discovery packages that acknowledge the diversity of our industry and which can be tailored to suit your organisation.

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Contact us on 02 9264 7197 to organise a free 15-minute consultation on how acia can assist you on your quality journey! Our consulting services are cheaper for members, so why not consider becoming a member today?

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