Why ACIS Certification

ACIS is the only independent, national, quality management standard that specifically addresses the provision of community industry services. The ACIS can, and is being applied to assess the quality of services being delivered to any individual requiring low, moderate or high levels of support to live in their community.

A Provider’s perspective on choosing ACIS as their Quality Standard

”The benefit to an organisation of meeting a standard such as ACIS, is that all areas of service provision and service management are covered; everyone in the organisation has procedures and policies to follow and service users are aware of their rights and responsibilities from the beginning of their service; this reduces any grey areas and improves relationships with our service users and prevents misunderstandings and complaints. Staff are also more confident in making decisions as they have written guidelines and procedures to follow. We can honestly say that implementing ACIS has definitely improved our service provision to our service users, it has improved our reporting systems and we also feel it has had a positive impact on staff retention (which as you would all know is a very important area with no obvious solutions)”. CSS – Care and Support, September 2015

CSS-Care and Support, September 2015

To read more about a recent provider’s perspective regarding the implementation of ACIS, please click here. Providers may find this useful for planning, preparing staff and service users, understanding what it’s like to work with auditors, and the benefits of implementing ACIS.

Funding Bodies that recognise and mandate ACIS

The following funding bodies have either mandated that funded service providers achieve ACIS, or have endorsed and/or recognised the Attendant Care Industry Standard and the Australian Community Industry Standard as standards that meet or contribute substantially to their quality assurance needs:

  • icare ( dust and diseases care, hbcf, Lifetime care, self-insurance, workers insurance) NSW
  • Lifetime Support Authority (South Australia)
  • NSW Health (Enable NSW)
  • Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC Victoria)
  • Tasmanian Motor Accidents Insurance Board (TAS MAIB)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Commission
  • Department of Social Services

ACIA has worked productively with the agencies listed above to ensure the ACIS is appropriate to the needs of a diverse set of funded programs.

By choosing the Australian Community Industry Standard (ACIS) your organisation demonstrates commitment and achievement of high quality, low risk service delivery to funding bodies, service users and the wider community support services sector.
acia provides education, resources and support to the industry, as well as developing and administering its own quality standard (endorsed by the Joint Accreditation System for Australia and New Zealand JAS-ANZ).

acia supports and works with government departments, authorities and funding bodies, including;

  • Department of Human Services Victoria
  • Disability Services QLD
  • icare
  • Motor Industry Accidents Board Tasmania, Transport Accident Commission Victoria and Insurance Commission of Western Australia
  • Life time Care Authority SA
  • Department of Social Services, Australian Government