WEBINAR - Available only to ACIA Members

This quick webinar is aimed at supporting our valued members and is presented by our partner performHR

In this webinar, we will explore different organisational structures and how they impact on productivity and mental health of workers. Self-managing teams form democratic structures. Participants will be provided with a solution to change their organisational design to ensure their organisation can adapt and be sustainable within the rapidly changing industry environment.

• Understand the strategic imperative to change
• Six Criteria (Intrinsic Motivators) explained, are the basic core elements that build satisfying jobs and empower people
• Design Principles and their consequences
• Participative Design Workshops
• Pre-requisites for successful redesign

Presented by:
Natalie Welch – Client Services Director
Peter Aughton

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Date and Time

October 25, 2019, Friday 1.00pm

Duration: 60 minutes