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Membership Fees
Annual Revenue of Organisational or Affiliate Member Annual Membership Fee (incl GST)
$0 to <$2M $465
$2M to <$5M $660
$5M and over $852.50
Individual Member $264
Membership is valid for financial year beginning 1 July to 30 June inclusive

01. ORGANISATIONAL MEMBER: any community support/ community care provider with a registered address and with two or more employees (voting member) 02. AFFILIATE MEMBER: any other organisation or Government Department with a registered address and with two or more employees who agrees with the objects of the Board (non-voting) 03. INDIVIDUAL MEMBER: an individual who works in the community support/ attendant care industry or provides professional support to the industry (non-voting)
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ACIA Constitution (Definitions)
To represent and advance the knowledge and practice of attendant care in Australia by:
  1. advocating for and promoting the delivery of quality attendant care for the publicbenefit;
  2. raising awareness and profile of attendant care;
  3. enhancing the professionalism of attendant care by identifying, supporting, promoting and advising on best practice in attendant care through policy development, education and quality certification;
  4. advancing the education, skills and competencies of attendant care service providers through the facilitation of opportunities for education and training;
  5. the provision of opportunities for information exchange and networking;
  6. advocating for the development and implementation of appropriate legislation, policies, practices and programs relevant to attendant care at national, state and local levels;
  7. encouraging intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration between attendant care service providers, policymakers and researchers;
  8. representing attendant care service providers;
  9. acting as an apolitical organisation.

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