NDIS Participant Employment Strategy Launched!

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The first NDIS Participant Employment Strategy, which was launched by the Minister for the NDIS, the Hon Stuart Robert MP yesterday.

By 2023, NDIS are aiming to have 30% of NDIS participants of working age in employment. That’s an increase of about 7% over the next three years with our current NDIS participant group.


Moreover, the Strategy details more than 50 actions to be undertaken over three years to:

  1. Increase participant aspiration and employment goals in NDIS plans
  2. Increase participant choice and control over pathways to employment
  3. Increase marketing innovations that improve the path to paid work
  4. Improve confidence of employers to employ NDIS participants
  5. Lead by example as an employer of people with disability.


In the Strategy, we have committed to a raft of measures that will build a more diverse, innovative and mature market of employment supports, for example we will:

  • run an innovation challenge on how to support the growth of participant self-employment or micro enterprises.
  • convene industry specific events targeting professions and sectors that are growing or can provide flexible employment to participants
  • hold a national conference to showcase innovation and broader employment options for NDIS participants and providers.


Access the full article here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/strategies/participant-employment-strategy

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