How Propell helps ACIA members focus on consumer-directed care

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With aged care clients wanting and having the power of choice, the ability to have better control of their health is more important. Particularly when it comes to better monitoring chronic disease including hypertension, diabetes respiratory and weight conditions. Organisations need to be able to cater for this client/consumer demand.


Propell helps people better monitor their chronic disease through easy to use iHealth Bluetooth connected health monitors so readings are stores and tracked on their smart phone/tablet. The iHealth devices encourage compliance, provide a clearer understanding of what the readings mean and then share the readings with their health professional.


The next involvement is where the healthcare organisation monitors remotely the vital readings of their clients. Rather than having nurses visit clients for vital signs, the client monitors themselves and alerts appear centrally at the organisation. Alerts are the exceptions – when the client is outside their pre-determined range. This program is called HealthBeats remote monitoring solution.


HealthBeats enables more patients to be monitored at less cost. At the same time improving patient engagement of their chronic disease.


For more information visit or contact Glenn Guilfoyle on 0418 519 755


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